About Us

T4C Cross Texas

In 2002 Shay Elkins and his wife, Mandy, started Cross Texas Homes with a goal to provide a great, reliable, and honest service for a fair price.  In 2008 they merged with another building company known as T4C to form T4C Cross Texas.  Today, they build custom homes, ready-built homes, and boat docks along with just about any other project you may have.  T4C Cross Texas uses the best materials available and employs some of the most skilled craftsmen in San Angelo.  You can definitely see the difference in their quality and attention to detail.  When you choose T4C Cross Texas to build your next project, you won’t be disappointed.

Just about everybody who meets Shay ends up asking him the same question, “What does the T4C in T4C Cross Texas stand for?”  He proudly answers, “Texans 4 Christ.  T4C is the name for the portable building company, and Cross Texas Homes is the name of the company we started in 2002.”

There is a symbol of a cross on their logo that they wear with pride.  The cross openly shows their faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is their strong belief that He comes first and all the glory is his!

 Shay Elkins

Shay’s construction background came from building and remodeling with his Dad while growing up in Iraan, Texas.  When he moved to San Angelo to go to college in 1993, he furthered his construction experience by working for a local builder.  Shay started remodeling and flipping houses on the side in 1997 then started welding boat docks, barns, carports, gates, etc. shortly thereafter.  He met his wife, Mandy, 20 years ago while playing basketball at Angelo State University.  They have been best friends since then and celebrated 15 years of marriage in 2017.  Shay and Mandy currently reside in Christoval, Texas with their two children who are 12 and 7.